Taking Chances



They told me they came from a distant land

Where nothing was the same and everything was different.

Beautiful. Spectacular.


I became entranced by their stories and wanted to go there.

But they warned me not to go on my own.

The people there spoke a strange language and lived a way of life as if they were on another planet or in another time of history.

The terrain was wild, with mountains and lakes.

There were all sorts of hidden dangers.

‘Whatever you do, don’t go on your own’ they warned me, ‘when you, go come with us’

But they never went home.

They loved their country but only at a distance.

It was a place in their minds.

Something created from reminiscences.  


I got impatient and decided to go on my own.

They stood there and watched me as I went.

I told them that I couldn’t live anymore in the country of my birth

I was suffocating I said. Bored. I needed to depart.


They looked at me in silence.  

‘You will regret this!’ they said.


Of living in a place I knew too well.

Regret ……

Taking chances?


Thank you for looking at my site, cheers, Peter