About Me

 Born in Adelaide, South Australia, I have lived in The Netherlands for many years, completing a PhD on the Dutch political system, as well as working as a translator, research assistant and English teacher. My partner and I have travelled extensively in Europe, North Africa and Asia

The focus of my blog site is content based.

The travel stories included in this blog are situated in different times as well as places. They offer a window in other words into our big and diverse world as it was, as well as how it is.

Where ever one travels, it is in a place which is undergoing changes, some of them profound. 

In travel – and life in general – I encounter so many interesting people and events. Life is often absurd and complex, brim full of irony and yes, comedy too. I experience this especially when I’m on the move, be it for a short distance or a long one, a journey by foot, bike, bus, train or plane. And it is this which I try to capture with the written word.

To travel means to be continually curious – and continually surprised. 

It means to be forced to think about who we are and where we are going.  



The story of how my life partner Anya and I met can be found on ‘About Us’. 


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