About Me



Serious travel blogs?

What’s that supposed to mean?

Well, I guess it means ‘serious’ in the sense of exploring the issues which I’m inevitably confronted with when I travel. I’m an issues person and a sceptic, never taking anything at its face value.

‘Serious’ is also as an antonym to ‘commercial’. So many travel blog sites these days are, among other things, a money making enterprise. Advertising and sponsors are keenly sought after.

Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn’t interest me.

My aim is simply to entertain and encourage reflection.

One of my great passions is to meet strangers and hear their stories. To question them, to dig deep. And that’s pretty much the aim of my travel blogs: to dig deep.  

At the same time, travel encourages me to be introspective about my own cultural background – as a privileged westerner – and my personal background as a baby boomer.  That’s inevitable for someone who has travelled for almost 40 years and witnessed profound changes.  My travelling began as a child when my father was in the Royal Australian Air Force and was continually on the move, from Europe and the Mediterranean to remote places in Australia.

But it really took off after I met my Dutch partner Anya in Indonesia in 1979.

That story can be read on ‘About Us.’

Contact me at: petercurtis888@gmail.com


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