Palermo Part 1

After 5 weeks of travelling in Southern Italy, I ended my trip in Palermo, Sicily, where I was due to get on a flight to Rotterdam. On arriving there, I wandered from the bus station down a busy road, looking for a place to stay the night. Most of the hotels were booked out. I finally found a small hotel in a narrow side lane off the main road.

I didn´t know anything about Palermo and it didn´t matter; it was a stop on the way to the airport. But Palermo turned out to be far more than that.

It was memorable experience – and a quintessential Italian experience. 

And it all happened within 24 hours………..

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Palermo Part 2


He started on it not me.

Organised crime.  

It caught my attention alright. I had an interest in the subject but had assumed that I would never meet an Italian with whom I could discuss it.

Now on my last hours in Italy there he was before me.

A stranger sitting at the same table as me one morning in the dining room of a small hotel near the centre of Palermo.

And as we made small talk and I found out that he spoke such good English because he was born in the U.S. – and furthermore, was an accountant, I knew then that this was the opportunity I’d been waiting for ……

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