On The Precipice

Perhentian Besar.

There were no cliffs there. The island was almost flat.

But a precipice might not be visible to the eye and this surely was the most dangerous kind.

Pernentian Besar: it was a small island off the eastern coast of Malaysia and well known for its sandy beaches, glass clear waters and wealth of green jungles. Like the nearby and much larger island of  Redang, it was a popular destination for divers.

In season that is.  

During the monsoon – November to March – with grey skies and heavy rains and the seas whipped  by strong winds, it was deserted.

Maybe that’s why we went out there.

Otherwise it seems like a mystery to me.

It was in February 2017 and in my travel diary, my focus was on recording his plight, that mercurial man standing on the precipice……

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