One night in a small hotel in Flanders, exhausted after a long day of bike riding,  I turned on the TV and began surfing channels. It was an act of desperation.

After a long day on a bike I was in a catatonic state. I had time on my hands that is until I could justify to myself crawling into bed and passing out. I was too tired to read my e-book and I didn’t want to look at the phone which I’d seen enough of that day thanks very much after getting lost and having to constantly check google maps. 

Flemish TV looked pretty much like the same kind of rubbish as everywhere else: game shows (everyone laughing), soaps, ‘reality’ TV and blitz advertising. 

Then it happened: on one channel, I saw a black and white photo on the screen – and it caught my attention immediately. It was a great photo – of homeless poor blacks somewhere in a big city in America. It was obviously taken some time in the past, late 1950’s/1960’s? was my guess.

Then came more black and white photos, equally as incredible. More scenes from an America from decades ago.

There I was, exhausted after a long bike ride, sitting in a hotel room surfing the TV and then suddenly found myself glued to the screen and wide awake. 

Who took these photos?

I was about to find out. And her story was as incredible as her photos….

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