Chips and Mayonnaise – Part 1


We met them near a van selling chips – or as the Americans call them, ‘French fries’. 

Bram and Kristin. They were on a bike trip and so were we. It was a warm summer’s day and everyone was outside.

Behind the van was a long, wide canal. On both sides of the canal were bike trails and there was constant stream of bikes moving in opposite directions. Now and then, barges passed, sending waves of backwash slapping against the steep banks.

They were a similar age to us – late 50’s. Kristin had shoulder length blond hair (natural, with a few stands of grey) and Bram had a crop of black hair and a boyish face. Each of them were physically in good shape.

They sat down on the same bench seat as us eating chips and dunking them in mayonnaise. Like we were. After we were finished we made small talk but before we knew it, the small talk became big talk.

I was responsible for that – and got more than I bargained for……

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